Employees are entitled to a pay slip which should show: the name of the employee, the date of payment, your classification, the award or agreement you are paid under, the period for which the payment is made, the hours worked, any deductions (tax, union fees etc) and superannuation contributions by your employer.

Contact your Union delegate, or get in touch with your Union organiser - call us on 1800 060 556.

Workplaces with full union membership are in a very strong bargaining position, so it's no accident that these workplaces are on the best deals. So the best way to get a good agreement for your workplace is to sign up your workmates! If you want a Union collective agreement at your workplace contact your Organiser on Freecall: 1800 060 556.

Get in touch with the CFMEU Delegate at your workplace. If you are unsure who your Delegate is or you do not have a Delegate, contact the Union on Freecall 1800 060 556. Contact details for all CFMEU FFPD Districts and Branches can be found here.

You can join the Union here or you can speak to the CFMEU Manufacturing Division delegate at your workplace. If your workplace does not have a Union delegate or shop steward contact the Union: Freecall: 1800 060 556 or click here to send us an email.

If you are a union member, speak to your CFMEU Manufacturing Division Workplace delegate or contact your CFMEU Manufacturing Division Organiser for assistance. If you are not a union member and you work in one of the industries that we cover, you can join the Union here.

All of our RDO calendars are online. You can save them to your device's calendar, download and print them. You can find them here. If you still have questions about your RDO's contact us


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