Published: 5 Aug 2016

The CFMEU is calling for an urgent halt to the Government’s free trade talks with India due to the risk of even more deadly asbestos flooding into Australia. 

The union has written to Trade Minister Steven Ciobo calling for an immediate and urgent suspension of negotiations. 

The call follows the spike of imported building products from China including asbestos contaminated roof panels discovered during the construction of a children’s hospital in Perth. 

Published: 27 Jul 2016

“The CFMEU can confirm that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission this morning executed a search warrant seeking documents in relation to the Competition and Consumer Act.

"This appears to follow from a case study conducted by the Heydon Royal Commission. It should be noted that the Royal Commission was unable to conclude that the CFMEU had breached the Competition and Consumer Act.

Published: 22 Jul 2016

A decision handed down in the Federal Court today found that the Royal Commission taskforce conducted themselves “unreasonably” in the raids carried out at the Queensland Branch of the CFMEU.

The Federal Police failed to fulfil their legal obligation to allow the CFMEU to make claims of legal professional privilege over any of the digital information seized in the raid. The court rightly identified this inexplicable departure from process as unreasonable conduct by the AFP.

Published: 21 Jul 2016

Two more cases brought against the CFMEU by the Trade Union Royal Commission Police have failed in court in Brisbane this week. 

On Monday, CFMEU official Chad Bragdon was found Not Guilty of intimidating or obstructing a Commonwealth official and on Wednesday CFMEU official Mark O’Brien was found to have no case to answer in relation to obstructing a Commonwealth Official.

Published: 13 Jul 2016

The CFMEU is escalating their campaign for more action against illegal importation of asbestos after the discovery of the cancer causing substance on a major Brisbane project on the weekend.

The union is calling on all state governments to obtain information from Yuanda about products that the company has supplied on state government projects including two children’s hospitals in Perth and Adelaide.

CFMEU National Secretary Michael O’Connor is also writing to Federal Immigration Minister Peter Dutton demanding action from the government.

Published: 23 Jun 2016

Employment figures released today show that Australia has hemorrhaged 93 jobs a day in the manufacturing and mining industries on Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull’s watch.

The ABS Labour Force Detailed Quarterly statistics show there are 44,000 fewer manufacturing jobs and 49,000 fewer mining jobs compared with when the Coalition took power in 2013.

“Australia now has the lowest proportion of manufacturing jobs in the OECD,” CFMEU National Secretary Michael O’Connor said.

Published: 23 Jun 2016

In a big win for the campaign for good, steady jobs, Labor today announced their intention to review the definition of casual work.

Labor is the first major party to respond to the Steady Jobs campaign, which calls for a comprehensive plan to minimise the harm caused by insecure work arrangements.

CFMEU Mining and Energy Division Executive Vice President Mitch Hughes said it was now incumbent on LNP MPs in Queensland to explain whether they support a review.

Published: 21 Jun 2016

Report demolishes Turnbull’s claims that union EBAs are curbing investment in infrastructure

Claims made by Liberal politicians and the Master Builders Association that wage increases for construction workers is inhibiting infrastructure investment has been totally discredited by a report released today by BIS Shrapnel that shows that construction costs for infrastructure projects are at record lows. 

Published: 20 Jun 2016

The Federal Government has failed workers by deciding not to put tariffs on 30 billion sheets of photocopy paper flooding the Australian market every year.

Last week, the Anti-Dumping Commission, which has been investigating photocopy paper imported from China, Indonesia, Thailand and Brazil since April, failed to act against the imports. 

1000 manufacturing jobs at the largest private sector employer in Gippsland’s Latrobe Valley Australian Paper and five thousand more flow on jobs are under pressure due to the decision. 

Published: 15 Jun 2016

The CFMEU has labelled the latest instalment of the Fair Work Building Commission’s (FWBC) crusade against workers as bizarre, in the wake of a warning to workers on the Ichthys project in the Northern Territory that they could be sacked if they wore union stickers on their hard hats.

CFMEU National Assistant Secretary Dave Noonan said that there was no law preventing workers from wearing union stickers.

“To have your livelihood threatened because you choose to wear a sticker on your hardhat is another appalling example of the behavior of the FWBC. 


Authorised by Michael O'Connor, National Secretary,165 Bouverie Street Carlton 3053