Published: 1 Mar 2017

The following letter was sent from CFMEU National Secretary to Australia's Foreign Minister, in support of the Timor Sea Justice Campaign. 

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Dear Foreign Minister,

We are a group of Australians from diverse faiths and backgrounds who have come together to urge you to finalise a permanent maritime boundary halfway between the coasts of Australia and Timor Leste in accordance with international law.

Published: 1 Mar 2017

A global report on the construction industry cites Australia as a case study of improved productivity and directly contradicts the Turnbull Government’s continued falsehoods about the industry in Australia that were used to justify the return of the ABCC.

In the report, Reinventing Construction: A Route to Higher Productivity, the McKinsey Global Institute identifies the high unionisation rate, well paid workers and the union’s role in maintaining safe workplaces as positive hallmarks of the industry that have contributed to increased productivity.

Published: 28 Feb 2017

The CFMEU has declared its readiness to fight the war being waged on battlers by corporate giants and the Turnbull Government.

The Liberals’ omnibus bill will look to save the government $4 billion, with cuts targeted at families.

Over Christmas the Liberals cut the pension of 330,000 pensioners.

In January the Government began targeting 1.2 million recipients of government support, most notably people with a disability.

Published: 16 Feb 2017

Unions and human rights activists are tomorrow holding a protest outside the Bangladesh High Commission in Canberra.

They are demanding that the Bangladesh Government release the 26 workers from jail . The arrests followed strikes and demonstrations by Bangladeshi garment workers seeking higher wages.

It is nearly 4 years since 1,138 garment workers lost their lives in the Rana Plaza collapse and what we see is a Government with no respect for labor law or fairness.

Published: 14 Feb 2017

Safety will be compromised if the amendments to the ABCC are passed in the Senate, following the backflip of Senator Derryn Hinch, according to the CFMEU.

CFMEU Construction Secretary Dave Noonan said workers had raised the issue in conversations with him and hundreds of officials around the country, as well as social media forums.

“These amendments will deliver worse safety outcomes for workers as it will be harder for union officials to go on site to inspect problems, lead to excessive overtime and further casualise an already itinerant industry.”

Published: 10 Feb 2017


This week Nick Xenophon betrayed people in his own state by doing a deal with Turnbull that will:
•  Make our workplaces less safe
•  Put more overseas visa workers on our building sites
•  Cut the number of apprentices in South Australia
•  Threaten job security and increase casual jobs
•  Fail to mandate Australian made products on construction sites




Published: 8 Feb 2017

Senator Derryn Hinch’s backflip in relation to the ABCC is a cowardly act that reveals he is in the pocket of property developers and construction companies, according to the CFMEU.

National CFMEU Construction Secretary Dave Noonan said Senator Hinch’s erratic change of mind will deliver worse safety, more casual jobs, and prevent restrictions on temporary work visas.

“This cowardly deal cut in the dead of night with a government in crisis, brings back Workchoices style laws that mean hundreds of thousands of workers in the industry will be worse off.

Published: 30 Jan 2017

The Australian Border Force is hopelessly under resourced to intercept the arrival in Australia of illegal asbestos products and other dangerous non-conforming building products, a Senate inquiry will hear today in Brisbane.

“Minister Dutton is putting the health and safety of the Australian people at risk by turning a blind eye to cheap imported building materials that do not comply with Australian law” according to Mr. Brad Parker, Assistant National Secretary of the CFMEU Construction Division.

Published: 30 Jan 2017

Our Union is backing a determined fightback by severely exploited labour hire contract coal mineworkers in our NSW South West District. With the backing of their families, the labour hire mineworkers have already demonstrated their resolve with two major public protests involving over 1,000 supporters taking part in the town of Appin and the city of Wollongong.

Published: 13 Jan 2017

An apparently red-faced Hutchinson Builders have spent the first week of 2017 cleaning up after another near miss on one of their projects.

Sheer luck was on Hutchinson’s side as an eight-metre high brick wall came toppling down on the multi-million Villanova College building rehabilitation project during the school holiday period.


Authorised by Michael O'Connor, National Secretary, 540 Elizabeth St Melbourne Vic 3000