Union attacks latest clueless Vic Gov timber thought bubble

Published: 9 Oct 2020

MEDIA RELEASE Friday 09 October 2020 

Today’s announcement of a grants program for businesses impacted by the Victorian Government’s shambolic forestry plan is a fraud according to the timber workers union- CFMEU Manufacturing.

The union condemned the Governments forestry plan as unworkable when it was announced in November last year.

Today’s announcement demonstrates that the Government still has no grasp of what is going on in the industry and a complete lack of capability to be nimble and effective.

It is beyond comprehension that despite massive bushfires last summer and Covid-19 that no one in government concedes their dud plan needs even a tweak let alone the comprehensive reset it requiressaid Construction Forestry Maritime Mining and Energy Union National Secretary Mr Michael O’Connor.

Ploughing on with silly announcements like this demonstrates that the Government is on auto pilot when it comes to forestry policy

Whether its pride, laziness or theyre genuinely clueless, its completely unacceptable and we’ll continue to call it out

Every time taxpayer money is wasted on frivolous programs which do not address the core problem with plan another opportunity for a decent, viable and fair approach is foregone.

“Everyone who knows anything knows that this plan is a dud and opening up grant programs which will predominantly benefit consultants will never make it any better

“Rather than continuing to delude themselves that everything is OK the Government needs to wake up and get serious about supporting jobs and communities” Mr O’Connor concluded.

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Authorised by Michael O'Connor, National Secretary,165 Bouverie Street Carlton 3053