A vote for Labor means more logs and more jobs - ALP forest policy announcement

Published: 7 May 2019

Joel Fitzgibbon (pictured), the ALP Shadow Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry and Shadow Minister for Rural and Regional Australia dropped in to the union office last week to talk to members about the ALP's forest policy for the election.

Employers and the CFMEU are agreed - Labor’s forestry policy is good news for Tasmanian timber workers.

A vote for Labor means more logs and more jobs.

Here's what Joel Fitzgibbon had to say:

"We know you can't have strong regions without a strong timber industry, and that's been traditionally true and we want it to be true in the future. So we need to build the workforce, build the supply, and do the research and development to make sure we're taking advantage of the really awesome opportunities in the 21st century.

"There are two things Australians want government to do: 

First of all they want us to be a country that continues to make things, and that goes to the very heart of the timber industry.

Second they expect their governments to buy Australian."

"So we will do both of those things. Making sure we have the investment in planatations, investment in manufacturing, investment in skills and training, and of course making sure governments are buying Australian. 

We can't have a strong national economy if we cant have a strong regional economy, and we can't have a strong regional economy without a strong timber industry. And Labor will invest in the timber industry, not only to maintain jobs, but grow jobs in what can be an even more exciting industry in the 21st century.]

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