Your Union

The CFMEU is here to help you.

The CFMEU has represented hundreds of thousands of people over the years throughout Australia. We have a proud history of getting the best pay and safety standards for our members and providing top quality services and benefits.

As a national Union, the CFMEU has the collective power to create real change within the lives of not only our members, but also their families and the communities we live in.

This helps the CFMEU to stand apart as a union that works to make a real difference within our communities and as a union that is not afraid to challenge the status quo to get the best results for our members.

Wherever you work, a CFMEU organiser or delegate is not far away.

The benefits of union membership include:

  • Help and support with problems at work
  • Protection from unfair treatment
  • Protection from unlawful discrimination
  • Health and safety advice
  • Superannuation advice
  • Representation for re-classification
  • Protection from bullying and harassment
  • Representation for underpayment of wages cases
  • Improved job security
  • Training and education
  • Feeling you’re not on your own
  • Free advice and representation on pay and conditions of employment
  • Worker’s compensation assistance
  • Free will writing service
  • Free specialist industrial law advice

Congratulations on becoming a member of the CFMEU and joining over 100,000 people already enjoying the security and benefits of union membership.

For further information or assistance, contact your CFMEU organiser or delegate or your local CFMEU office.

Alternatively, you can call the union on Australia-wide free call 1800 060 556.


Authorised by Michael O'Connor, National Secretary,165 Bouverie Street Carlton 3053