NSW welcomes new District Secretary for Manufacturing Division

15 August 2023

Manufacturing Division is thrilled to announce that the esteemed role of District Secretary for New South Wales (NSW) is received by Alison Rudman. This appointment marks a new chapter in both Alison's illustrious career and the ongoing efforts to uplift the working conditions and rights of laborers within the manufacturing sector.

Alison Rudman's journey has been nothing short of inspiring. With a rich history of advocating for worker's rights, championing fair labor practices, and tirelessly working towards fostering a more equitable workplace, Alison brings a wealth of experience and passion to her new role. Her dedication and determination have not only propelled her career but have also positively impacted countless lives within the manufacturing industry.

We invite you all to join us in congratulating Alison Rudman on this remarkable achievement. Her journey thus far has been marked by dedication, passion, and an unrelenting pursuit of justice. As she takes on this new role, we have every confidence that her leadership will continue to shine as a beacon of hope for all workers striving for a better, more equitable future.

Here's to Alison Rudman and the bright prospects she brings to the Manufacturing Division. As we move forward, let us stand united in solidarity of her vision and the positive changes she will undoubtedly bring about.

Congratulations, Alison!