Who we are


Welcome to the Manufacturing Division

Across this nation, Manufacturing Division members work in key industries that drive our economy.

From outback mines and timber towns, to vast manufacturing hubs and billion-dollar construction sites, we strive in skilled and productive workplaces and contribute to our communities.

The people who form the Manufacturing Division, from nations across the globe, have played a key part in establishing our uniquely Australian values of justice and a fair go.

From the eight-hour day campaign of the 19th century to the fight for universal superannuation, our members have led in the struggles to improve workers’ rights throughout history.

We uphold that legacy today - campaigning to spread the benefits of the mining boom, pushing for the employment of local workers, battling for a level playing field for Australian manufacturing and fighting for greater investment in regional communities.

We never cease in our struggle to make our workplaces safer, so that at the end of every shift, our members can go home to their loved ones safe and sound.

Whenever circumstances require it, we will proudly step forward to fight for the rights of our members, for their families and for the future of this great country.

From our roots amongst many diverse industry and trade unions, we strive to maintain our values and our place in the unfolding history of Australia.